Count Me IN.…

The Faith/Finance Connection

One of Springvale's core values is "Instinctive Generosity".  Moreover, we intend to grow in our generosity in giving for personal blessing, corporate spirit and kingdom extension. Giving to God's work through the local church is…


"All must give as they are able, according to the blessings given to them by the Lord your God."Luke 6:38 "Give and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full - pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back." Deuteronomy 16:17

An exhaustive study of scriptures and Christ's teachings will reveal the exceptional priority the Lord puts on the generous giving of our God-given resources. There can be no doubt. This is an all-important factor in our development toward becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.


The extravagantly generous giver will be informed as to the scripture. But he or she will also be informed about the great work that their church is doing in the community and in the lives of its people. 

So as the people seek information as to what is happening in the ministry, the ministry must provide them with up-to-date news about the concerns, opportunities and blessings that are occurring on a continuing basis.


Once again, we need to exhaustively study the Word in relation to the TITHE. Reference Malachi 3: 8-10.

In short, "When we, as New Testament believers, living in a far more affluent society than ancient Israel, give only a fraction of that given by the poorest Old Testament believers, we must surely reevaluate our concept of "grace giving," Randy Alcorn writes.

Malachi 3 is the only place in all Scripture where God says "test me" in a positive way. He is essentially saying, "Bring me the tithe and see if I don't bless you. Go ahead. Try it!"

At Springvale we encourage our people who are first-time givers to:

  1. Become regular givers,
  2. Become tithers by giving the first percentage of their financial blessings,
  3. Become generous givers, lavishing more than ever on the Lord for His grace and goodness.

We recognize that since most do not tithe, they need to progress from becoming regular to tithe to lavish givers over time. Each one is encouraged to evaluate their financial commitment and respond intentionally to the call of God on their heart in this crucial area.


While there may be projects in and around the church that tweak the fancy of certain individuals as well as the overall work of the church locally and worldwide, we are more interested here in offering imaginative ways and means for our people to give, such as:

  1. Automatic debit - many find this the most effective way of giving regularly and consistently even when they may be away or otherwise not able to be present when the offering is taken in church. 
  2. Credit card - this can be done on our website. 
  3. Church envelopes - this long-standing method is used by most of our people. It affords a weekly reminder envelope as well as provides the treasurer with a method of issuing an annual receipt for income tax purposes. 
  4. Of course, the offering plate is passed every service wherein people can place their offering.

We encourage everyone to use the method of giving that best suits their situation and at the same time meets the objective of intention, regular, generous giving


Springvale's Count Me In initiative, based on Scripture, boils down to the following steps for each of its members and friends: 

  1. Commit your financial life to God, 
  2. Begin to give your regular tithe and stretch yourself toward extravagant
  3. giving,
  4. Take the necessary steps to live debt-free for the rest of your life, 
  5. Continue your stewardship education.



Jesus embraced every chance he had to talk about money. Thus we seek to encourage our people to loosen the bond that money can have on them and usher them to a place of spiritual maturity in this area of their lives. God's work on earth begins with each of us as we answer His call to a higher standard, to become fully devoted followers of Christ. But not only that, each will be given the opportunity to participate in the effectiveness of their church in the advance of God's kingdom.

It is our prayer that as each member of the Springvale family is encouraged in this area of their faith walk, their response will be "Count Me In."